Explore the numerous reasons why VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS is an ideal organization to start and/or accelerate your career:

1. Endless growth opportunities

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS invests in its employees’ personal and professional development, through on-going learning and specialization. Our people are continuously learning on-their-jobs, by managing a vast range of products and diverse customers’ challenges. Besides, they are following regular trainings and seminars and are encouraged to share their expectations and ambitions regarding their careers.

2. Team spirit

We encourage team work through sharing, advising, challenging each other and common problem solving, because we believe that success is driven by cooperation. Moreover, because we know that pleasure and motivation at the workplace are strongly correlated with friendly and collaborative environments.

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3. Reward

At VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS you know that your talent and dedication will be recognized and rewarded: Monetary, ethically and in terms of professional development. Besides, we consider a significant form of reward and fulfilment our clients’ acknowledgement for the effectiveness of the solutions and the service quality we provide to them.

4. Respect & Empowerment

We respect each individual’s way of working and foster autonomy and flexibility. One has a “free field for action”, nobody is going to limit you if you want to take initiatives and implement new ideas and approaches. At VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS you can openly share your opinions and needs and will be considered for them.

5. International exposure

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS enables international careers. Our global presence gives our people the opportunity to work together with suppliers and clients from different countries. This is a great way for them to gain international experience and expand their horizons in terms of know-how, business approaches, cultural understanding and global trends.

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6. Diversity

We are a diverse team of junior and senior experts, that have been with VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS for 6 months to more than 15 years! We embrace both experienced, mature experts as well as young, ambitious professionals that bring fresh ideas, approaches and enthusiasm to our business. In parallel, we ensure constant flow of knowledge and ideas to everyone’s benefit.

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7. Product excellence

Our employees are committed to provide for excellent products and service level. They are confident and proud for what they represent.

In 2017 and with 15 team members,

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS celebrated 30 years of successes! 


We asked our people: “What do you appreciate most at VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS?”