Cosmetics have become a great part of peoples’ everyday lives. No matter the age, gender and skin type, consumers today express beauty care related functional and emotional needs and seek for the right product to satisfy them and boost their self-esteem.

Service model

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Beauty Care & Cosmetics portfolio offers access not only to differentiating solutions for every formulating issue, but also to great technical expertise and consulting. Next to our ready-to-use solutions and depending on our client’s certain challenge, we can co-create tailor-made solutions that combine the right cosmetic ingredients in the requested base (frame formulation). Once the desired formula is developed, we will follow the product throughout its entire lifetime cycle and provide relevant adaptations and improvements where needed.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS lab ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάA step further, we can combine our Beauty Care & Cosmetics with our Fragrances solutions for an even more complete solution. Having an in-house Beauty Care & Cosmetics Application Laboratory since 2012 is a true edge in our customer-centric Beauty Care & Cosmetics approach. Our service also includes the provision of insights into Beauty Care & Cosmetics latest trends and industry innovations to ensure that together with our clients we are always a step ahead of competition.


We are dedicated to providing most effective Beauty Care & Cosmetic solutions, no matter the challenge.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS main προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικά


From functional benefits to unique sensorial effects, our advanced technology-driven portfolio is at your service to satisfy all your requests, in line with consumers’ expectations.

Ready to explore VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Beauty Care & Cosmetics various sub categories and how they can add value to your product?

A fascinating journey begins

beauty care & cosmetics VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS προιοντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάDull skin tone, heavy pigmentation disorders, dry skin, deep or fine wrinkles, oily scalp with dandruff, hair loss;

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS has a solution suggestion for every issue!

We represent exclusively Active Ingredients’ Houses with proven expertise in the field. Our historical background has led to selected collaborations that allow us to offer highly advanced molecules and standardized active ingredients. Our portfolio includes Actives for all applications hereunder:

Skin Care
  • Anti-Ageing: Anti-Wrinkles, Skin Firmness-Tightening, Energizing, Eye contour
  • Daily Defense: Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Pollution, Detoxifying, Photo-Aging protection (IR-Visible Light-DNA Protection)
  • Body Sculpture/Shape
  • Skin Complexion: Lightening, Anti-Heavy Pigmentation disorders
  • Microcirculation
  • Moisturization: Hydration, Skin Barrier enhancement
  • Sebum Regulation, Anti-Acne
  • Skin Relief, Soothing agents, Anti-Redness
  • Sun Care Filters/IR-Visible Light-DNA Protection/SPF Boosters

Furthermore, it offers Technological solutions that allow high-added value claims.

Hair Care
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Anti-Frizz
  • Color Protection-Color Maintenance of dyed hair
  • Conditioning Agents
  • Anti-Hair Loss / Hair Growth
  • Protection from Heat Stress / Hair Anti-Ageing
  • Scalp Purification / Oil Control
  • Repairing / Recon-structuring
  • Shine

Beauty Care & Cosmetics emulsifiers ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάModern demand for High SPF value, attractive sensorial profile, natural origin, multi-functional use and properties, are only some of the expectations and challenges of today’s beauty care & cosmetics market place.

Our Emulsifiers’ range satisfies all these demands and even more!

Within it, one can find products of high-end technological form specially designed to provide stability under very stressful conditions. It is the same range which provides spray-able to thick cream formulations with unique sensoriality and attractive profile, leading to product desirability. Moreover, new concepts and patented technologies that offer a wide pH range of use, hot or cold process and added value to the final product. Developing your formulation with VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Emulsifiers, can be so simple and yet so attractive!

Beauty Care & Cosmetics Polymers ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάThe most common criteria when choosing a Polymer are its thickening and/or stabilizing capacity. What if your Polymeric Thickener and Stabilizer could take the final formulation one step beyond? What if your Polymer did not only offer solutions to critical issues, such as

  1. Compatibility with UV Filters, Oxidizing Medias, DHA, Electrolytes, Alcohol and Cationic Agents
  2. Wide pH of use
  3. Stabilizing capacity of high amount of oil

but also unique sensorial profile that would differentiate the final product in the market place? What if your Polymeric compound was not only another ingredient with functional role in the final formulation, but provided additional features of high added value? No matter the form (liquid or powder), the origin (natural or synthetic) and the character, VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s portfolio provides the most adequate suggestion to your brief!

Beauty Care & Cosmetics Emollients ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάModern trends for “free-from” products include “silicon-free” claims too!

Our Emollients range offers Natural Silicon Alternatives bringing competitive advantage to the final product. But, the possibilities do not stop there! Any desired sensorial profile can be achieved: From Soft/Silky/Powdery to Rich/Occlusive, VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS has a suggestion for all sensorial profiles.

beauty care & cosmetics texturing agents ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάImagine the moment of evaluating a cosmetic product…Apart from its fragrance, the first impression is always derived from its sensorial profile. Thus, in this decisive moment, sensoriality is always a factor that matters!

Our portfolio includes Texture Agents that modify and standardize the sensorial profile to your ends. Mainly in powder form, our Texture Agents are the ideal solutions to enhance texture in applications like Sunscreen, Make Up and Skin Care products.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics Film Formers ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάA major issue when formulating a sunscreen product is whether the product will stay on skin. Otherwise, what is the point of using a sunscreen? The great majority of the products in the market place promise wide sunscreen protection, but only when the product stays on skin.

Through its water proofing properties, our range of Film Former guarantees the desired results, offering additional benefits, such as superior UV Filters solubilization.

beauty care & cosmetics foaming agents ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάWidely used cleansing products include a high amount of aggressive agents to the skin, eyes and hair. Sulphates are accused of irritation and modern trends create demand for “sulphate-free” products.

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Foaming Agents portfolio offers Anionic, Non Anionic and Amphoteric Agents which respect natural skin flora, are not irritating for the eyes and are suitable for all kind of sensitive skin applications. Of course, their applications are endless, as our solutions can function as Foam Boosters and Foam Stabilizers that can offer added value to any type of final formulation.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics Conditioning Agents ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάWhat are the major benefits consumers expect from a Conditioning Agent?…

Most probably, to be highly substantive to the skin and hair, to create no build up effect, to function as an anti-static agents, to improve lubricity and shine of the hair, to improve combability etc.

All the above can be the benefits of your conditioner by opting for VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Conditioning Agents! Our offerings include Quats Alternatives and superior Performance Materials.

beauty care & cosmetics preservation systems ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάNatural and alternative preservation is a continuous challenge of our times. Microbiology still is, and will always remain a science requiring exhausting clinical studies to achieve the desired result.

Challenges like “preservative-free” claims and natural preservation are “hot” topics and need to be used with the proper attention in order not to mislead the consumer. Any approach on the issues, should be with great attention, since it concerns the safety of the final product.

After deep investigation we are able to provide solutions covering both modern needs: Technological solutions from modern preservation systems offering “preservative-free” claims, as well as, safety to the final product.

Beauty care & cosmetics color cosmetics ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάWhen applied science meets fantasy, it is time to check VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Color Cosmetics portfolio. Colors, imagination and the means to achieve your desires is what our portfolio is offering.

In particular, it includes technologically advanced Coating Systems, re-assuring the final product’s performance and consumers’ satisfaction.

We provide a wide portfolio for Color Cosmetics applications: Pressed powders, liquid forms, stick forms etc. Our range includes Coated Pigments, Organic Pigments and Pastes, specially designed Emulsifiers and Polymers, Waxes, Pearls etc.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics UV protection ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάOne step beyond the widely used organic filters, our portfolio includes a great range of Coated Mineral Filters to satisfy modern needs. Our coating systems reassure product performance, the creation of a homogeneous film and special properties based on the system of your choice.

But our offerings do not stop here; Our range also includes products for IR, Visible Light and Blue Light protection, providing a solution to the need for essential protection from sun exposure.

Beauty Care & Cosmetics Oral Care Solutions ΑVEL προϊόντα ομορφιάς & καλλυντικάCavity, Plaque and Hyper Sensitivity are the major oral hygiene issues. VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s portfolio offers Active Ingredients with proven efficacy to all oral care challenges.

Let’s discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!