Detergents & Other Industrial Products’ industry is an industry in which many can think there is no ground for specialty ingredients, as in our mind the products are considered to be just functional.

Nevertheless, the continuous need of higher quality products in all sections of everyday life “forces” the industries of the sector to evolve and use products that will offer added value in the final product.

Detergents απορρυπαντικά VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS main


VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS through its long and historical presence is able to provide specialty ingredients for industrial applications combining its energy and responsiveness with the solid foundation of international groups of Specialty Ingredients Manufacturers for this sector. Let’s see some of the main Markets that VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Detergents & Other Industrial Products can cover and offer outstanding quality and versatility.

We can supply this market with a wide range of biodegradable APGs with special properties as hydrotrope with very good alkaline resistance, wetting, foaming, solubilizing and degreasing. All that is mentioned above are suitable for industrial detergents, together with water in oil (W/O) emulsifying agents and rheology modifiers are used to thicken and emulsify a broad pH range.

Additionally VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS could provide you with cosmetic active ingredients that will moisturize the skin and be calming, an important asset in household products as it will improve the sensation of the product to the final consumer.

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS is able to provide 100% bio-sourced grade of the rheology modifiers, APGs and other modifiers that can achieve smooth, stable emulsions of polish formulations in any form.

Our company has high standard surfactants that can help to increase the effectiveness of plant protection formulas by forming stable emulsions and improving wetting properties. Our portfolio also includes polymeric surfactants that can be used as dispersing and emulsifiying agents, rheology modifiers that enhance particles suspension, as well as, efficient emulsifiers, binders for seed coatings and products that are electrolyte tolerant.

Let’s discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!