Nowadays, delivering healthcare innovation worldwide is more challenging and complex than ever. It demands deep understanding of what customers and the society really need. It requires profound scientific knowledge and expertise in order to provide high quality and effective solutions that make the difference in pharmaceuticals, responding to the advanced technological demands.

Service model

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Pharmaceuticals & Injectables portfolio offers access not only to differentiating solutions for every formulating issue, but also to great technical expertise and consulting. Once the desired formula is developed, we will follow the product throughout its entire lifetime cycle. A step further, we can combine Pharmaceutical ingredients with our Flavorings and Sweeteners solutions in order to ensure a more pleasant product taste experience. Part of our customer-centric service is also to share insights into Pharmaceuticals & Injectables most demanding challenges and industry innovations.

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From Excipients to APIs and Injectables, we provide advanced technology products with unique properties; VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS is your reliable partner for a healthier tomorrow!

Check out our advanced technology raw materials for the development of Pharmaceuticals & Injectables with unique properties

At VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS, we strongly believe that together, and through our continuously renewed portfolio, we can find solutions for your most demanding issues. It is key to remember that sometimes it is just a simple solution that sorts out a complex problem. Let’s take a look through our Pharmaceuticals & Injectables portfolio of Excipients, APIs and Injectables and maybe the answer to your challenge is just a click away…


pharmaceuticals & injectables VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS φάρμακα & ενέσιμα 1Do you face a problem with your tablet coating? Do you face capping, bridging, or swelling of your tablet? Or on a regular basis, you deal with a sticky API with flowability issues, poorly soluble or with very bitter taste? Perhaps, your ointment is too sticky and has spreadability issues?

For all these issues and even more, you DO NOT need to change your formula!

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS, faithful to its commitment to provide innovative and high value-added products, represents exclusively Pharmaceuticals’ Houses that provide Excipients for each kind of formulation. Our portfolio consists of high quality raw materials, accompanied with the necessary regulatory data (GMP, Excipact, EP, USP compliant, CEP etc.).

Let’s just choose together the right Excipients for your specific needs.

Solid dosage formulations are the most common dosage forms for pharmaceuticals, e.g. tablets, capsules, chewables. With our wide range of high quality excipients for all applications, we provide everything you need for your final product.

Coating agents

We offer ready-to-use coatings, organic or aqueous ones, functional or non functional, colored/clear/white, to satisfy all needs. Our coatings are very easy to handle, have optimized dispersion and coating time and give a perfectly uniform and reproducible result.

a) Functional coatings
  • Protection of API against moisture, oxidation, low hardness or friability
  • Core sealing coatings
  • Gastro-resistant coatings/ Enteric release coatings
b) Non functional coatings
  • Colored coatings
  • Sugar coatings
  • Coatings for glossy tablet finish
c) Personalized coatings

We may offer even personalized coatings. In case you deal with a very specific issue you may contact us for more details.

Excipients for Sustained Release

If you deal with a high dosage API or an API that has to offer sustained release, we may offer you innovative solutions through our portfolio.

Binders/ Disintegrants

We provide a variety of binders for wet granulation. In case wet granulation is not desired, our portfolio includes products which are binders and at the same time disintegrants and are ready to use for direct compression.


We provide easy to use solubilizers, in powder form and ready for direct compression. Our advanced technology products give the opportunity to effectively solubilize poorly soluble APIs (Class II or IV), avoiding the step of wet granulation.

Taste Masking

Taste Masking is more and more an imperative need to drug formulations, since taste has a very strong, if not the strongest, influence in patients’ adherence. Through our portfolio we may offer solutions for taste masking to your API.


Our range includes high purity and quality natural intense sweeteners.

Compared to conventional tablets and capsules, liquid dosage forms including solutions, syrups, suspensions etc. offer unique advantages, such as better compliance for patients with swallowing difficulties and better dosage control versus a fixed tablet dose. However, there is also a number of challenges surrounding the formulation of these forms. Through our portfolio we provide you with:

Emulsifiers & co-emulsifiers

Our emulsifiers of premium pharmaceutical quality are in liquid or pearls form, providing the ability to formulate O/W or W/O systems.


VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s solubilizers can be used alone or with a co-solubilizer to enhance solubility of poorly or non soluble in water APIs. They can further be used in numerous end- forms, such as syrups, suspensions etc.

Thickening agents

For use in suspensions, gels or syrups according to the different formulation needs.


We provide high purity and high quality natural intense sweeteners, according to all different needs.


Our portfolio includes emulsifiers with a wide pH range, for O/W or W/O formulations,compatible with a wide range of APIs, high amount of solvents etc. If you need a more natural  formulation, we can provide you with emulsifiers from vegetable origin.


Our products are of premium quality and may solubilize various compounds, depending on their nature, while providing at the same time a variety of textures and a natural/light skin feel.


VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Polymers are available in liquid or even powder (concentrated) form, thicken over a wide pH range, do not need to be neutralized before use, can be used even in cold process at room temperature and may stabilize all kind of oils in case of emulsion preparation. Additionally, they make it possible to design products with soft and unique textures, preventing the experience of unwanted textures, such as tackiness or greasiness. Our polymers are compatible with all APIs and can be used for the preparation of anhydrous or hydro-alcoholic gels.

Foaming agents

Our foaming agents’ portfolio has a great compatibility with various APIs, very good tolerance on the skin and do not contain preservatives, parabens, ethylenoxides (EO) or SLS.

2. APIs

pharmaceuticals & injectables VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS φάρμακα & ενέσιμα 2VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s pharmaceuticals’ portfolio includes various APIs for use in pharmaceutical products. Most of our APIs have proven efficacy, through in vitro, in vivo and clinical tests. All are compliant to EP and USP pharmacopoeia. Our portfolio of APIs covers a large variety of end uses, some of which are the following:

  • Calcium deficiency, Osteoporosis, Bone health
  • Hypochromic anemia and iron deficiency
  • Stress, tiredness, magnesium deficiency
  • Neurasthenia, anemia
  • Prevention of hypokalemia
  • Urinary system
  • Immune system
  • Antioxidant
  • Cholesterol control
  • Nervous system


pharmaceuticals & injectables VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS φάρμακα & ενέσιμα 3As the injectables’ industry is growing rapidly, so is the demand for injectable and sterile solutions. Such solutions are aimed to be used in vaccines and sterile end form products, such as ophthalmic products.

VOXELE DEVELOPMENTS’s Injectables’ portfolio consists of:


A variety of emulsifiers providing stable emulsions (O/W or W/O) with unique properties.

Some emulsifiers may also have other functions depending on their HLB value: anti-foaming, wetting, foaming or solubilizing functions.



High quality specialties for use in parenteral products and even in biological molecules which improve the solubility and stability of APIs.

Vaccine adjuvants

A collection of therapeutic vaccine adjuvants for use in vaccines against cancer, auto-immune or infectious diseases.


In our portfolio are included APIs, such as mineral salts, which can be used in vaccines or/and sterile products.

Let’s discuss your needs and challenges, and identify the right solution(s) for you!